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Event Marketing 

At AdsumPR, we craft unforgettable experiences that leave a lasting impact. Our Event Marketing services are all about innovation, creativity, and uniqueness that ensures your event stands out in a crowded world.

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Why Event Marketing Matters?

In a world full of digital noise, events connect people like nothing else. They create real, face-to-face interactions and lasting memories. AdsumPR’s Event Marketing isn’t about pushing products; it’s about forging connections that matter.

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What We Offer:

  • Strategic Marketing

    From local PR to the social landscape, we curate comprehensive marketing strategies tailored to your event.

  • Influencer and Celebrity Activation

    Elevate your event with the star power of influencers and celebrities, creating buzz and driving attendance.

  • Crowd Working

    Need real people to create authentic content? We've got you covered with crowd-sourced video creation that makes your brand shine.

  • Outdoor Brand Activities

    Engage your audience with immersive outdoor experiences that lead to viral content and brand loyalty.

  • Venue Planning

    We meticulously design event venues to create unforgettable memories for your audience.

  • Camera Coverage

    Our expert camera teams capture every highlight and emotion, ensuring your event lives on in digital memories.

  • Promotions for Celebrities & Notable Personalities

    Whether you're a rising star or a well-known figure, we boost your profile with precision.

Why Choose AdsumPR

We are more than a marketing agency; we are your partners in creating iconic moments. Our unconventional approach sets us apart. We’re bold, we’re inventive, and we’re dedicated to your success.

Our Pricings 

Every event is unique, and so are our pricing packages. Get in touch for a customized quote that aligns with your objectives and budget.

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