Performance Marketing 

At AdsumPR, we sculpt experiences that leave an indelible mark. Through performance marketing, we master the art of delivering results that defy expectations.

performance Marketing

What is Performance Marketing 

Think of performance marketing as a collaborative partnership that stands apart from traditional marketing, affiliate marketing, or high ticket closing. It’s like a team effort where you invest when something tangible and positive happens, such as clicks, purchases, or sign-ups. It’s important to note that it’s not a free pass; there’s a payment involved, but it’s more like investing in guaranteed outcomes rather than taking a risky leap of faith. This approach allows businesses to make the most of their marketing budget, creating a win-win situation for both parties involved. It’s about paying for success, rather than relying on uncertain possibilities, making it a more practical and cost-effective choice.

Performance Marketing vs Traditional Marketing 

In traditional ad marketing, it’s all about numbers – you spend money, but it’s tricky to see if it’s really working. In traditional campaigns, the focus is on making your ad campaigns smart and budget-friendly, aiming for low costs per click (CPC). On the other hand, performance marketing is about the bottom line. Instead of playing with CPC figures, it’s all about how well your ads are doing. Quality matters more than low costs because the ultimate goal is your business. Every conversion benefits both you and the marketers (that’s what actually means when people say “you pay for results”).

Now, Performance Marketing isn’t the same as Affiliate Marketing or High Ticket Closing, where you pay a set percentage based on your sales. Don’t mix them up! 

In both traditional and performance marketing, you still pay for ads and agency fees. The real difference is that with performance marketing, agencies take their time to plan and execute campaigns that bring in big profits. They earn extra commissions only when specific actions, like clicks or leads, happen. So, it’s all about results and making your money work harder for you.

Pricing & Commission Structure 

Performance marketing is all about getting the most out of advertising efforts. The costs and commission rates can change depending on things like what business the client is in, how much they want to spend, and where they want to run ads. These details are crucial, and marketers need to sort them out. However, there are some general charges and rates that client usually agree on with agencies.

Performance marketing usually works on a hybrid model that includes:
Fixed Management Fee

A fixed management fee that covers all the planning, strategy development, campaign setup, monitoring, and optimization.

Performance-based Commission

The marketers get a percentage of the sales based on specific actions, like clicks, generating leads, or getting people to install an app.

For example, for every click on ad, client pay anywhere from ₹10 to ₹100, depending on the project’s needs. It’s worth noting that some agencies charge higher rates.

When it comes to leads (people who are genuinely interested in offerings), client pays a percentage (between 5% to 20%) based on factors like budget, lead quality, where they came from, and the industry.

At AdsumPR, we have our own take on this. We charge a fixed fee for setting up your ad campaign, but when it comes to performance-based commission, we believe that you should only pay when we bring you qualified leads and conversions, not on clicks!

A “qualified lead” is someone who’s genuinely interested in what you offer, gives you their contact info, and matches your target audience. You’d pay a percentage on each of these leads, which can range from 5% to 20%.

Now, let’s say you’re selling a ₹100 product, and we get you 10 qualified leads. In this case, you’d pay ₹10 for each lead, regardless of whether they turn into paying customers.

A “conversion” is when one of those leads actually becomes a paying customer or takes another desired action, like scheduling a consultation or making a purchase. We’d charge a specified percentage on each of these orders. So, if you get 6 successful conversions on a ₹100 product, you’d pay ₹25 per conversion.

The commission depends on talking terms, profitability and negotiations.

Just remember, the client needs to cover the advertising budget upfront or set up their own payment method. It’s a bit like paying for the ingredients before you bake the cake, but the more people enjoy your cake (or buy your product), the more you’ll pay for the ingredients.

Why Choose AdsumPR

There are several compelling reasons to choose AdsumPR for your performance marketing.

Performance Pioneers

We excel in understanding the ins and outs of performance marketing. Unlike other agencies that might struggle to grasp this concept, we're not afraid to dive deep into it. We won't push you towards conventional ad campaigns just to avoid commitment..

Growth Quest

We value growth just as much as you do. We recognize that everyone wants to grow, so why not opt for growth through performance marketing?

Building Bridges

Our approach is all about understanding your brand and industry at its core. We believe in building meaningful relationships rather than just being professional service providers.

Navigating the Marketing Maze

We're experts in advertising and online reputation management (ORM). We understand how the system works, and in the realm of performance marketing, we prioritize quality leads over mere clicks..

Strategic Insights

We emphasize the importance of timely audits and ad analysis. In performance marketing, continuous monitoring of campaigns is crucial to prepare advanced strategies that lead to achieving our clients' end goals. We're dedicated to helping your business thrive by combining our expertise with a genuine commitment to your success.

In the world of marketing, where results matter most, performance marketing shines. It’s about paying for results, not just figures. At AdsumPR, we’re pioneers in this field, committed to your growth, building meaningful relationships, and navigating the marketing maze to bring you strategic success. Choose AdsumPR for a transformative journey in performance marketing.

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