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Lights, Camera, Action – Unleash the Power of Digital Marketing for Your Movie Release with AdsumPR Movie Marketing Solutions 

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Unleash the Power of Digital

With our cutting-edge strategies, we catapult your movie launches into the digital stratosphere. From gripping reels to trending hashtags, we make sure your movie’s promotional journey begins with a bang!

What We Bring to the Silver Screen

At AdsumPR Digital Solutions, we understand that every Bollywood movie deserves a red-carpet moment, and that’s exactly what we offer. With a touch of innovation and a dash of quirkiness, we bring your movie launch into the spotlight like never before!

Our Approach

At AdsumPR, we don’t follow trends; we set them. Our methods are rooted in a deep understanding of bollywood DNA, audience personas, and industry nuances. We weave data-driven insights into compelling narratives, ensuring that every digital footprint we create is as unique as your movie itself.

Explosive Campaigns

We craft campaigns that leave audiences on the edge of their seats. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride that'll have everyone counting down the days to your movie release.

Social Media Sorcery

From Instagram's Insta-glam to Twitter's trending tango, we orchestrate a symphony of social media buzz that puts your movie in the spotlight!

Memorable Launch Events

Unveil your masterpiece with a bang! Our creative team designs unforgettable launch events that set the stage for an epic cinematic journey.

Influencial Engagement

We've got the connections. Our star-studded approach ensures that your movie gets the attention it deserves from A-listers and influencers.

Viral Campaigns

We're the masters of making content go viral. Brace yourself for the digital frenzy we'll create around your movie!

Audience Connection

We understand your audience like no one else. We speak their language and turn viewers into fans, and fans into loyal advocates.

Data-Driven Success

Our data-driven insights refine our strategies, ensuring every move counts.

What we bring on the table

Twitter Trending

Influencer Activities

Verified Users Activities

YouTube Promotions

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IMDb & Wikipedia

Reviews & Ratings

PR Activities

Launch Activities

Our Packages:

Introducing our Silver Screen Package, where your movie takes the center stage. Starting at ₹2,50,000 + GST, this package offers a dynamic digital marketing and PR experience. You’ll enjoy 2 Twitter trending activities (each for 2hrs), 5-10 Instagram page activities(1M+ followers), 3-4 influencer engagements (A-list profiles), 5 verified users postings, IMDb creation with authentic ratings, and 3 compelling PR articles that make headlines. But that’s just the beginning. As your movie’s ambitions soar, our services can expand to provide full A-Z digital coverage, with packages that can go up to ₹10,00,000 + taxes. Our mission is simple: To make your Bollywood movie release a blockbuster success in the digital era. Let’s collaborate and create cinematic magic together!

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