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Unlock the magic of reputation enhancement with AdsumPR Digital Solutions – where your profile transforms into a shining star through our cutting-edge Ratings and Reviews Service.

The Power of Ratings and Reviews for Your Business

High ratings and reviews are vital for businesses. They build trust, showcase social proof, boost online visibility, and attract new customers. While a bad rating can harm a business, a strong collection of positive reviews safeguards your reputation and ensures a positive image.

Your Review Experts

We’re your trusted source for reviews and ratings on popular platforms like Google, Facebook, IMDB, JustDial, Amazon, Zomato, Trustpilot, Goodreads, Play Store, and App Store. We cover all your digital bases!

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Our Authentic Reviews, Your Trust

At AdsumPR Digital Solutions, we’re on a quest for the genuine. Our reviews are as real as your morning coffee – no fakes, no generic fluff. Our each review mirrors the true experiences of our delighted clients with the power of real voices, because your trust matters.

Our Unique Approach to Reviews

Uniqueness is our calling card at AdsumPR. Unlike the rest, we never stack the deck with multiple IDs on identical IPs. Our reviews take a grand tour of the digital landscape, each with its own distinct IP and locale, thanks to our vast network of influencers spanning the corners of India. Precision is our forte; we dance with algorithms, crafting each review with the grace of a maestro.

Why Choose AdsumPR? 

AdsumPR is your one-stop shop for authentic reviews on every major platform, and If we don’t have it, we’ll hunt it down for you.

Multi-platform Service

We're the review wizards who sprinkle ratings across every platform imaginable, from Google to the moon.

Quick Start

Once the green light shines, we zoom into action like a rocket, because delays are so last season!

Authentic Reviews

As real as unicorns in a fairytale. No bots, just genuine influencers giving your brand the star treatment.

Affordable Rate

We believe in affordable excellence – no rocket science, just down-to-earth pricing that makes sense.

Where Affordability Meets Excellence

At AdsumPR, we offer a sweet spot of quality and affordability. Our rates aren’t rock bottom, because we believe in lasting value, not quick fixes, yet they’re far from sky-high. We’re the Goldilocks of pricing – just right for your budget and market.

Platforms Pricings
Google Business Review
Starts with ₹100 per review
Justdial Reviews
Starts with ₹80 per review
Imdb Services
• IMDb Votes
Starts from ₹2.5 per vote
• IMDb Reviews
Starts from ₹100 per review
Quora Answers
Starts with ₹200 per Answer
Amazon Reviews
₹250 + Product Rate
Trustpilot Reviews (Indian)
Starts with ₹275 per review
Twitter Post Amplification (10 generic Comments + 50 likes)
Starts with ₹500 per tweet
Instagram Post Amplification (20 Comments + 1000 likes)
Starts with ₹500 per post
LinkedIn Post Amplification (10 comments + 500 likes)
Starts with ₹800 per post
Trip Advisor Reviews
Starts with ₹1000 per review
Itunes Podcast Reviews
Starts from ₹350 per review
IOS App Downloads
Starts from ₹100 per download [Download + Install + Open]
Android App Downloads (Min. quantity - 1000)
Starts with ₹80 per download [Download + Install + Open]
IOS App Review
Starts with ₹500 per review
Android App Reviews
Starts with ₹350 per Review
Book My Show Reviews
Starts with ₹200 per review
Zomato Reviews
Starts with ₹100 per review

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