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Discover the power of Google Knowledge Panels with AdsumPR Digital Solutions – your key to online success!

The Autonomous Knowledge Panel 

Your ticket to online fame. The info box that sets you apart in search results. Visible on the top of Google search, Its your digital calling card that shines in search results and instantly showcase the key details at a glance.

What Power does a Professional Knowledge Panel Holds? 

Credibility Boost

It’s like having your own digital badge of authority. People trust what Google shows them, and a Knowledge Panel gives you instant credibility.

Visibility Galore

Want to be found? This is how you get found. Your panel ensures you’re front and center when people search for you.

Showcase Your Best

Control the narrative. You get to decide what information is highlighted, ensuring your best foot is always forward.

Google Verified Tag

It grants you a digital blue tick status, reserved for the chosen few. top rank on mobile, and right-hand reign on PC – a distinction not easily earned by all.

Why Choose AdsumPR Digital Solutions?

  • Expertise: We’ve been in the game for years, crafting Knowledge Panels that shine
  • Personalized Service: We treat your digital identity as our own, ensuring it’s a perfect fit for you.
  • Affordable Excellence: Top-tier service doesn’t have to break the bank. Our pricing is competitive, and our results are outstanding.

Unmatched Rates for Perfection 

Escape the market chaos! While others vanish or demand a king’s ransom, our prices stay affordable. Check our wallet-friendly rates

Basic Individual



(Entrepreneur/Notable Person)

Basic Knowledge Panel with name and date of birth only

Complete Individual



(Entrepreneur/Notable Person)

Complete & Claimed Knowledge Panel with support

Notable Individual




Complete & Claimed Knowledge Panel with support

Company Profile




Knowledge Panel with top-notch support

Plus, here’s the kicker: Our Knowledge Panels are rock-solid. Even if, by some cosmic fluke, it gets deleted (a 1% chance, mind you), we’ll recreate it for you without any extra charges.


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